Site-related Stuff

So the sidebar talks about your participation, and the bottom of the page outlines some ways to participate. I thought I should add some stuff into the mix.  This is about us having a discussion or many discussions and using the InterWebs to discuss with the like-minded.

Bloggers: Are you a blogger who also happens to be high-functioning mentally ill? Shoot an email to definefunctioning [at] with a link and a description. I’ll check you out and add you to the Reading Room.

Facebookers: Visit the Define Functioning Facebook page. Click Like (or don’t). There you can post to the wall, suggest links, and the like.

Twitter-lovers: Follow ∃ on Twitter (@backwardE). Tweet me links or thoughts, many of which may just become conversation-starters on Define Functioning.

Finally, if you’re not a Contributor but have something more substantial than a comment or a Facebook post or a tweet allows, write it up and put it in an email. This is a place to share, a place for discussion and discourse. My voice should not be the only voice.


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