Various Updates: Labor Day Weekend Edition

Over the next couple weeks, Define Functioning will be rolling out a few changes. Some are organization (e.g., the Current Reading list has been moved to the Reading Room, where it probably makes more sense). Some will be more content-oriented, aiming for new and continually improving discussions. At the end of that process the “Beta” notice on the uppermost part of the right column will disappear. So, as I execute the tweaks I’ve gathered during the Beta stage, any and all suggestions you may have are more than welcome!

Last May, Define Functioning ran a little experiment and asked what you want people to know about mental health and mental illness. The results were amazing. So amazing, in fact, that it has presented a small conundrum for the book that will compile the responses: We are just in between a “put it in your pocket” sized book and a “put it in your bag” sized book. And as these things go, it’s not really an option to be “in between.” (It’s actually too big for a pocket-sized book…and looks silly as something bigger right now.)

So, I’ve concocted a way to fix that: I’m extending submissions through 2011 in order to have a book finished and ready for Mental Health Awareness Month (May) in 2012. I’ll be adding a new Project page to the site to collect submissions (part of the aforementioned changes). Until then, please feel free to add comments to the previous discussion post or email them to me at definefunctioning [at] gmail [dot] com.

Last thing: I’ve been unforgivably negligent when it comes to providing any sort of imagery with recent posts. So, in some super lazy brainstorm, I thought I’d screen clip whatever happened when I googled any given phrase. The Universe seemed to smile down on this plan, because when I did she offered this:

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  1. Just saw this post, and wanted to let you know that I shared the link over at my blog, so I hope you get some more contributions! If you would like any more contributions from me, I can add to what I previously wrote sometime, unless it’s too lengthy already.

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