Back to Business…with Teamwork

Click for sourceLet’s be serious: it pretty much goes without saying that it’s been a while since I sat down and started a new conversation topic here. And perhaps that should be the topic of discussion as I have been reminded that the discussion helps. I have been thankfully reminded why I started this forum in the first place: that we lack an appropriate venue for support, that we often find ourselves in a place where we don’t feel it’s appropriate to share when we need to share, ask for help we need help.

Define Functioning is a tricky place for me.  It is not a blog, but a discussion forum. It’s a space I truly benefit from as a participant, but also a space that relies on me as facilitator and moderator. So, when my life gets a bit rocky, it is easy for me to doubt what good I can bring to the discussion.

Forum member Alan Smithee sent me an email recently asking that I bring Define Functioning back. My response was that I am not in a place to do it alone right now. To the extent that this is a place for discussion, it is also a place for this little community of ours….and, as they say, it takes a village. I get a great deal out of the conversations we have….I am just not always sure that I can lead the conversations.

So, on that note — the first conversation in the revived Define Functioning is this: What do you want to talk about? I’m compiling a list and will post a new discussion topic at least once a week for as long as we, together, have new things to talk about or old things to talk about more. Just let me know what’s on your mind.

As always, thank you all for everything.

  1. said:

    As a reminder: You can post topics for conversation here in the comments to this post, but you can also send them to me via email at definefunctioning [at] gmail [dot] com. And, please, feel free to send Reaction posts and Reading Responses as well.

  2. These are my ideas:

    –Self medication with legal or illegal substances: do you do it? Does it work?
    –Do you keep secrets from your partner because of your MI? Do you keep secrets from your best friends because of MI? Do you only share some things with other MI people, and not non-MI people?

    I am so glad this is coming back to life. If you ever want me to write an entry and give you a break let me know. It won’t be as good as yours, but I can try. :)

  3. Jen said:

    I like personal experiences dealing with mental illness.
    Eating and drinking issues related to mental illness.
    How much do you share? Do you worry about sharing too much?

  4. I think ideas to combat stigma would be a good topic of discussion.
    Also, I have personally a really hard time trusting people, and I wonder if that is a common thread with us.
    If you do trust people to tell them details that are personal, what has the result been for you – positive or negative? And if you don’t trust many people, how does it feel to be alone with your circumstances? I find isolation is hard, and I tend to turn to my blog because there “was no other place to turn to” as Anne Sexton wrote about the hospital. I think this makes me feel like I’m self-centered sometimes, or more to the point, it makes me think other people believe I’m self-centered because I have this blog about my life that I’ve had for seven years. But that blog is my saving grace, and I would have nowhere to really vent without it.
    I’m wondering what other people’s experiences with blogging have been like. Also it would be interesting to know whether any real friendships had developed for you from blogging (assuming that you have a blog).
    Just some thoughts.
    So glad to see this blog is back up and running!

  5. Meredith said:

    What kind of therapy/groupwork are you doing or have you done to help with the day to day?
    How do you deal with the lack in your growing up and behaviors you’ve learned from growing up (if this is an issue for you) that ooze into your present relationships?

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