This is meant to be a fun one. We do a lot of serious and often emotional talking here. I’m offering a break from that for a moment while staying on topic.

So, as we all know (because I say it every chance I get and because it’s pretty plainly stated in the About and Terminology pages) I don’t agree with the concept of a universal definition of “functioning.” The direct result of this disagreement is my discomfort with the “high-functioning” label I’ve been given. I attempt to laugh at and assess myself each day by redefining the term. I usually tweet and/or post my definitions on DF’s Facebook page. For your consideration and amusement, here are some of my recent definitions:

to Function (v.)

  • to try to understand what defies definition
  • to live asymptotically
  • to NOT sleep through one’s therapy appointment
  • to succeed at not-awkwardly pausing
  • to know I do not live in a vacuum
  • to know the difference between what is actually funny and what is not
  • to understand and then challenge the “reasonable” part of “reasonable expectation”
  • to conscientiously and consciously invoke my right to be human
  • to remember those less fortunate, in all their incarnations, and doing something about it
  • to take (back) responsibility
  • to not rely exclusively on my husband’s cooking and Cheetos for my sustenance

That’s right. The forum has been up and running for two months, and I’m finally getting around to this discussion. Go for it, Define “Functioning.”